Why You Should Opt for Non-Toxic House Cleaning in Greensboro, NC

Disinfectants and other cleaning agents can be effective in removing germs and bacteria, but they can also be quite toxic to humans. The News Medical website has a report dated August 14, 2014 that details the discoveries of researchers who noticed that the reproductive ability of lab mice were severely affected when they were subjected to two active ingredients found in disinfectants. The article stresses that more research is needed to confirm whether or not the same ingredients are harmful to people:

Homeowners need to be more wary of the cleaning methods they use to keep their houses tidy. Detergents, disinfectants, and other similar substances with high toxicity can cause medical complications to families, particularly vulnerable children. The article posits that even pets are susceptible to high doses of cleaning agents, and they too are at risk. For safe and healthy house cleaning in Greensboro, NC, residents should hire a cleaning service that uses environmental methods such as The Maids of the Triad.

Although cleaning agents made from artificial ingredients are very effective in destroying bacteria and germs, they are not the only things homeowners can use to tidy up their residence. Cleaning solutions made from all-natural ingredients do exist, and they are relatively harmless to use. To fully maximize these eco-friendly materials, homeowners should hire professional cleaners in Greensboro, NC who know how to best use such green products. It is important for families to first ask cleaning service companies if they use green products before hiring them as a precaution.

Importance of hiring a trustworthy cleaning service

Some people are hesitant about hiring a maid service due to the stress of trusting someone in their home. Finding a trustworthy maid service isn’t as hard as you may think it is. At The Maids of the Triad in Greensboro, we pride ourselves in being a trustworthy maid service people can depend on. We specialize in cleaning homes in the High Point, Burlington Winston-Salem and Greensboro area.

The Maids of the Triad team photo

We are a fully bonded cleaning service and have full liability, crime and employee accident coverage to give you even more peace of mind. If you would like to see our certificate that validates our insurance we will gladly provide that for you. Our full insurance coverage guarantees that your home is treated with the utmost respect.

Some people will decided to stay in their homes while our maids are cleaning and others will decide not to be present when their homes are being cleaned. Many of our customers feel safe leaving us a key to clean their home. Your key will be kept in a locked storage box that only The Maids of the Triad will have access to. The key will only be issued to the cleaning service team leader on the day that they are scheduled. The key will be returned to the lock box in our office at the end of the day. In the unlikely event the key is lost, we are insured for key replacement or re-keying of your locks.

Our cleaning service team is made up of four people, including one team leader or supervisor. This ensures that each maid can focus on a specific task during the cleaning process. This also ensures that nobody is left alone in your home. With a team you can rest assured knowing that each team member will have someone there to help in case of an emergency. We also try to make sure you have the same cleaning service team in your home each time you schedule a cleaning. People may be substituted in or out due to illness or vacation.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with an area in your home after it has been cleaned, call us within 24 hours and we will come out and clean it again, for free. So if you are looking for a trustworthy cleaning service, call The Maids of the Triad in Greensboro today. We strive to ensure our clients are comfortable with our cleaning teams of 3 or 4 and are completely satisfied with their sparkling clean home.

Moving In/Out Cleaning Service in Greensboro NC

Finding a cleaning service for your move photoMoving in or out of an apartment or house can be such a hassle. There are so many things to be taken care of. Who has time or energy left over to clean? If you are moving into a new apartment or home or moving out of one and you are looking for a moving in/out maid cleaning service, then call The Maids of the Triad today. We specialize in deep cleaning homes in the Greensboro, High Point, Burlington and Winston-Salem area.

Some of the hassle of moving is figuring out what to pack and what to get rid of. Over time your home can become cluttered with things that you acquire over the years. When this happens we understand that sometimes you may need a helping hand to pull you out from under all the clutter. At The Maids of the Triad, we offer a decluttering service to assist you in going through your things and deciding which things are worth keeping and which can be let go.

The removal of clutter can ease the moving process. But it can be hard to decide what to keep and what to throw away or donate. Our general rule of thumb is if you haven’t used an item in over a year, it is probably alright to let it go, unless it has sentimental value, like your grandmother’s good china. Then you can move on to the next step, grouping.

Grouping items that have “survived the cut” can be extremely helpful during the moving process. Keeping things that go together like cookware, entertainment items and sentimental items can help alleviate stress when it comes to moving because you will know exactly where something is located. When the grouping stage is complete then it’s on to the next step, deployment.

Figuring out where things should be located in your new home or apartment is key to having a good work flow. If there are things that need to be used more often, they should be kept in a place that is easy to get to when they are needed. When dealing with things that are not used often, then perhaps a better place would be on a high shelf or maybe in the garage.

If you are moving into a new apartment or home and you would like to have it cleaned before you get there, call The Maids of the Triad in Greensboro and we will ensure your move in/out cleaning service is completed before you arrive. We will also clean your home before you relocate to ensure that the moving out process goes smoothly.

Greensboro House Cleaning Services Guidelines

Photo of The Maids of the Triad team memberIn our busy lives we often do not have time to clean our homes properly, rushing to get the kids to soccer practice or off to school, and then off to work. Who has the time to do any proper cleaning at home? When you find yourself in this situation and you need house cleaning services, call The Maids of the Triad, in Greensboro. We specialize in cleaning homes in the Greensboro, High Point, Burlington and Winston-Salem area.

Our maids are bonded and insured to ensure you receive the best and healthiest house cleaning services possible. All of our cleaning services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With our unique 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, you can rest assured knowing that when our maids leave you will have a spotless healthy home. The Maids of the Triad takes pride in doing things the old fashioned way, meaning our maids clean hard-surface floors on their hands and knees while also adding personal touches to ensure you know we care.

Here at The Maids of the Triad, we offer several different house cleaning services to ensure your home is cared for exactly as it should be. Our 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System was created to provide our customers with a health conscious cleaning approach. We use a 22-step plan of action that includes using healthy cleaning supplies while focusing on great attention to detail. The 22-step plan covers your entire home with our maids focusing on certain areas in your home like the kitchen and bathrooms. Our innovative healthy household cleaning solutions are provided by our maids, so you don’t have to supply your own cleaning solutions.

The Maids of the Triad’s carpet maintenance is second to none. Our professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians will come to your home and use a fast drying GLS carpet cleaning machine that spreads healthy cleaning solution evenly through your carpet, using less moisture so it dries faster than steam cleaners.

We also offer a move in/out cleaning service. If you are either moving out of your home or apartment or moving into a new one, we will come in and clean the entire place ensuring that you are left with an apartment or home that looks brand new. We also offer a decluttering service to help you sort through the clutter that gathers in your home over time, helping you decide what to keep and what to let go of.

No matter your house cleaning needs, we can help you. Call The Maids of the Triad in Greensboro today to speak with one of our cleaning specialist so we can determine the proper, healthy cleaning care for your home.

Healthy Cleaning Service in Greensboro – The Maids of the Triad

Healthy Cleaning Service in Greensboro – The Maids of the Triad

Hiring a maid service can help to ensure that your home is kept clean. Some maid services use cleaning products that harm the air quality in your home, leaving an unwanted smell and dangerous by-products. If you are looking for a healthy cleaning service, call us, The Maids of the Triad, in Greensboro; we specialize in cleaning with our own innovative and environmentally-friendly cleaning products and equipment. All of our products are safe for your children and pets.

All of our vacuums use HEPA filtration to remove dust, dirt and allergens from deep within your carpets and upholstery. Our maids use a 22-step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning process to ensure every surface, room, floor and aspect of your home is spotlessly cleaned. The Maids Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System was established to provide a health conscious cleaning process.

Our thorough 22-step plan of action includes healthy cleaning supplies and an intense attention to detail. We will focus on every room in your home to ensure that it is cleaned properly. We want our clients to enjoy clean and healthy living spaces. The 22 Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System includes:

  1. Clean kitchen sink

  2. Clean appliance exteriors

  3. Clean inside microwave

  4. Clean range top

  5. Damp wipe cabinet doors

  6. Clean counters

  7. Hand wash floor

  8. Load dishwasher

  9. Clean bathroom sinks, counters, change towels

  10. Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, showers

  11. Hand wash, disinfect bathroom floors

  12. Pick and straighten in all rooms

  13. Dust window sills, ledges, wall hangings

  14. Remove cobwebs

  15. Dust/vacuum furniture

  16. Vacuum floors, carpet

  17. Vacuum stairs

  18. Vacuum under beds

  19. Change linens, make beds

  20. Empty trash

  21. Clean entry window, one set of patio door windows

  22. Clean window over kitchen sink

 If you are looking for a healthy cleaning service in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point or Burlington area then look no further than The Maids of the Triad. We will clean your home using only the healthiest cleaning products coupled with our 22-step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System. We guarantee that your home will be left clean and healthy when our maids are done.

Greensboro House Cleaning Services for the Elderly – The Maids of the Triad

Photo of senior citizen customers of the MaidsWhen our family members get older, they may not be able to keep up with the cleaning demands of their homes. If your loved one lives alone and is unable to clean their own home and you would like someone trustworthy to come in and clean for them, call The Maids of the Triad in Greensboro. We specialize in cleaning homes in the Greensboro, High Point, Burlington and Winston-Salem area. We will send out a team of 3 or 4 maids for our specialized house cleaning services for the elderly.

Our maids are bonded and insured to ensure you receive the best and healthiest house cleaning services possible. All of our cleaning services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With our unique 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, you can rest assured knowing when our maids leave you will have a spotless healthy home.

Most older people have their own routines and know just how they want things, especially when it comes to their home. They need to have a maid cleaning service that will work with them and be respectful of their needs and wishes. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy.

Our clients, especially the elderly, are happy to see us. We work hard for our clients to ensure we create a friendly relationship. If your loved one lives alone and you want the peace of mind knowing that they are living in a healthy and clean home then The Maids of the Triad is for you.

Our maids will come weekly and perform cleaning services including dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing bathrooms. We will also take care of seasonal tasks such as shampooing carpet, washing windows and polishing woodwork.

We understand that it can be hard to open your home to anyone. Here at The Maids of the Triad in Greensboro, we strive to provide not only a healthy clean home but also a comfort level that comes with having people you trust in your home. We want to get to know our clients so that they can rest easy knowing that their home is going to be well taken care of. Call The Maids of the Triad today to talk with one of our cleaning specialist and schedule a time to for us to thoroughly clean the home of your elderly loved one.

How to keep your home free of allergens

For many North Carolinians, controlling asthma symptoms is an integral part of life. Utmost vigilance and preparedness must be observed, especially under conditions where symptoms can manifest.  If not properly managed, asthma can be a life-threatening disease. Fortunately, the local government is doing its part in ensuring that North Carolina’s air is as clean and safe as possible, and this goes a long way toward improving the health of the state’s many asthma sufferers.

Despite the government’s best efforts, asthma is not something you only worry about when you’re on the streets—you need to make sure your home environment is free of any asthma-inducing agents as well. Here are a few all-natural home solutions to asthma that you may not be aware of:


An open jar of honey placed under the nose of a person having an asthma attack can help them breathe easier. As a preventive measure, a person with asthma should take a teaspoon of raw honey three times a day


If someone is having trouble breathing, let him drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Although it may not provide actual relief, it can thin out any mucus buildup in the nasal passages, which can help make breathing conditions better.

dust mite close up photo

A photo of a dust mite magnified.

The best preventive measure: A clean home

Dust, pollen, and other asthma-causing agents from outside can latch onto clothing and shoes. When that happens, you could end up dragging these agents into the house, thereby making your home an unsuspecting haven for allergens. Regular cleaning services in Greensboro, NC should help tremendously toward keeping your home safe from these harmful agents.

Why you need a Greensboro cleaning service

A cleaner home makes for a healthier life. The best house cleaning services in Greensboro, NC, such as Maids of the Triad, have professionals that know how to clean your home thoroughly, ensuring a better home environment for family members who suffer from asthma.

Expert House Cleaning in Greensboro, NC Can Mitigate Allergy Attacks

As temperatures rise and plants thrive during spring, people aren’t the only ones who come out to enjoy the warm weather. The beautiful season also brings out microscopic particles some people are sensitive to, thereby triggering watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and headaches, and generally just affecting their immune systems.

In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recognizes Greensboro, NC as one of the top 100 Allergy Capitals in Spring of 2014, ranking 24th on the list. The data is measured and compared through documented levels of airborne grass/tree/weed pollen and mold spores, allergy medications taken per patient, and number of allergy specialists attending to each patient.

While there are no known cures for allergies during the seasonal health attacks, most people can effectively manage it through careful prevention and treatment. They can stay away from allergens which cause their allergic reactions and take antihistamines when they need to suppress their symptoms.

Cleaning a home, though, can be a nightmare for someone who suffers from allergies. Dust and pollen in the air, pet dander, and other floating particles may just worsen their conditions and trigger allergic attacks. It’s a good thing, though, that there are maid service companies like The Maids of the Triad who can do the work for people suffering from allergies. These companies often have technicians that use specific allergen-reducing products to eliminate irritants that aggravate conditions of certain family members, and utilize vacuums with HEPA filtration for deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery.

In addition, homeowners can rest easy because house cleaning professionals clean on a regular basis, taking practical and effective steps to reduce the chances of exposure to airborne dust mite allergens. The home helpers have years of experience and intensive trainings so they can safely remove allergens that accumulate on household furnishings like carpets, mattresses, curtains, and other textiles, and help maintain allergy-free homes.

Greensboro, NC Cleaning Services Enable Family Bonding Time Together

For most American families, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day. More and more parents are working longer hours than ever before and are caught in a time squeeze in keeping up with their family and work lives.

While most have regular 40-hour work weeks, it can be exhausting for parents to keep up with all the responsibilities of the home and the demands of the job. One can imagine how moms may need to attend parent-teacher conferences and watch weekend soccer matches, or how dads may be expected to help their kids with their science fair projects. Of course, these activities can strengthen their relationship, but sometimes, they may not have the energy to fulfill some of their tasks because of fatigue. And then they still have to deal with housekeeping concerns on top of all of that.

Parents, though, can look for residential cleaning services in Greensboro, NC to make their homes spotless and squeaky-clean. They can count on cleaning technicians from companies like The Maids of the Triad to deeply clean and eliminate dust and other particles, using the safest and most effective cleaning for a fresher home environment. This way, parents can focus more on the things that need attention, run important errands, and accompany their children to where they want to go.

In addition, they can also utilize carpet cleaning in Greensboro, NC to ensure that their floors are spic and span, and chances of allergy and asthma attacks are mitigated. Parents need all the help they can get in raising their own family, and finding the right balance between family and work by spending their precious time with their loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere.


The Importance of Being Green for House Cleaning in Greensboro, NC

The world has seen countless instances of how our current choices have brought consequences. Continuous carbon emission of large quantities increasingly contribute to the global warming phenomenon. In the U.S. alone, powerful hurricanes have brought destruction to lives, properties, and vital infrastructure. All these have led many to be more conscious of the actions they take and sparked motivation to achieve sustainable living.

Though we see relative inaction on the government’s part, it is notable to say that many individuals and businesses have made evolutionary steps to become green. People have become more vigilant of products they buy and are looking to purchase only those that guarantee fair trade and environmental safety. Businesses that offer house cleaning in Greensboro, NC have also joined this bandwagon. The real question, though, is: how important is it that cleaning services become green? Here are some reasons to adopt sustainable practices in the house cleaning business:

  1. For the Environment. Going green would particularly help preserve the environment and ensure that there would be no undue pressure on non-renewable resources. Using products that do not put too much strain on a particular produce that can be found on nature would mean less damage to the environment, less resource depletion, and more supply for the world to enjoy.
  2. For the Savings. Sustainable practices are known to minimize energy consumption that reduce power-related expenses. Aside from that, wastes that come from natural products are easier to clean than those made from synthetic chemicals that cost a lot to restore. The amount of money a business saves through green living can be channeled to help its expansion prospects.
  3. For your and your clients’ Health. The most beneficial effect people can reap from being green is that the human body is more compatible with eco-friendly products. We also feel better when we are not exposed to chemicals that can become catalysts for toxins. By making sure that cleaners in Greensboro, NC use natural and healthy products, they can confidently say that their employees and clients are never in danger from harmful materials.

Companies that operate in the home cleaning industry, such as The Maids of the Triad, stand to gain numerous benefits from being green. However, they must ascertain that they can be an ideal company whom people can count on to contribute greatly to society.