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10 Ways to Clean with Vinegar
Are you looking for a natural, affordable household cleaner? Vinegar meets both of those requirements and a lot more. Perhaps you’re looking for a cleaning service in Greensboro, NC that uses safe cleaning products. The Maids of the Triad use non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for people and pets. Here are 10 ways to… Read More

7 Tips for Holiday Decoration Cleanup
After all the gifts have been opened, the guests have gone home, and the cookies are all gone, it’s time to face the facts: the holidays are over and it’s time to undecorate. This most unpleasant of tasks can be daunting and even a little sad. Don’t fret There are ways to make this task… Read More

7 Ways you can use a Lemon to Clean your Home
Did you know that you don’t need to buy expensive cleaners full of harsh chemicals in order to clean your home? You can clean many of the routine places in your home that tend to get the hardest to remove stains using a lemon as your cleaning agent. Why does it work? Because lemon juice… Read More

What to Expect on your First Visit from a Cleaning Service
Are you thinking of hiring a Greensboro home cleaning service? If you’ve never hired a maid service before, you may not know what to expect from that first visit. You may be wondering what you need to do to prepare and what the first visit might entail. Don’t let this be a source of anxiety… Read More

Local Sports in Winston Salem
Part of what makes a city into a community is the local sports scene. Sports foster comradery among citizens in mutual support of local sports teams. Here in Winston Salem, there are a few different opportunities to support local sports. When you attend a sporting event, the ticket you bought and the food and drinks… Read More

Shopping in Winston Salem
If you’re a serious shopper, you will love Winston Salem. There are plenty of shopping centers with a range of stores from wholesale to specialty shops. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it and then some. And while you’re out getting your shopping done, your Winston Salem home cleaning service can whip your… Read More

How Hiring a Cleaning Service can Actually Save you Money
You may have thought longingly while scrubbing your toilets about how nice it would be to have a maid. But you quickly dismiss those thoughts, thinking the service may not be worth the investment. Well, you may be wrong. Consider that hiring one of the top cleaning services in Winston Salem will give you stellar services that are… Read More

6 Reasons you Should Hire a Cleaning Service for your Aging Parent
Do you have a parent whose age is preventing them from being able to safely and effectively handle their own house cleaning? This is a normal part of aging. But an elderly parent may try to maintain their independence, which can lead to over-exertion or injury. If you’re thinking of looking into professional house cleaning in Winston Salem for your parent,… Read More

How Often You Should Clean Everything in Your House
Do you have a set cleaning routine for when to clean what in your home? House cleaning is no easy task and even worse, you probably aren’t cleaning items as often as they need it. If it all doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, The Maids will handle your house cleaning in Greensboro. Clean these… Read More

Preventing Fingerprints on Stainless Steel Appliances
Do you have stainless steel appliances in your home? They are a beautiful addition to any home, combined with their superior strength and durability. Brand new stainless steel appliances look exquisite until the moment you touch them and notice annoying fingerprints where your hands were. What is the secret to cleaning and preventing this from… Read More

Organizing for Kids: 5 Quick and Easy Tips
Do your kids struggle with managing their messes? Kids aren’t born with a natural ability to be organized. They lack the skills and more importantly, the motivation. Toys fall where they may and are forgotten as new ideas lead a child to the next plaything. Clothes are often shed and left all over the floor,… Read More

The Secret to Getting Pet Smells Out of your Home
Do you love your pets but not necessarily their smells? Or maybe you don’t love pets but the previous owners of your new home or apartment did, and they left the smell behind. Perhaps you need to get the pet smells out of your home before you put it on the market. Whatever the reason,… Read More

Tips for Eliminating Cooking Smells
Do you enjoy cooking and creating all sorts of culinary masterpieces? Or maybe you simply microwaved some fish sticks for the kids last night. Either way, cooking smells can sometimes linger for what seems like forever. Whether you’re expecting guests, showing your house, or just want a fresher smelling home, there are ways to banish… Read More

The Most Common Places Bacteria Hides in your Home
We all want a clean, healthy home. But that is often easier said than done. No matter how thoroughly you clean, bacteria find ways to take hold. Once you know where to look, it’s easier to combat these bacteria breeding grounds. Want to be sure these areas are cleaned regularly? Schedule professional home cleaning in… Read More

Tips for Removing Wine Stains
If you or anyone else in your home enjoy red wine, you’ve surely experienced a spill at some point. Whether it’s on clothing, a tablecloth, upholstery, or carpet, wine stains are stubborn and hard to remove. But it may be possible with these tips. And if not, professional cleaning companies in Greensboro such as The… Read More

The Best Way to Load your Dishwasher: 7 Tips
Are you particular about how your dishwasher is loaded? Most of us have a certain way we think it should be done, and can often be found rearranging things after someone else has done the loading. The key is to strike a good balance between getting the most dishes in the racks as possible and… Read More

Hardwood Floors: Basic Cleaning and Care Tips
Hardwood floors are beautiful, but not the most durable of flooring materials. To maintain their beauty, it’s important to know how to properly care for them. When proper care is taken, wood floors can last for hundreds of years and hold their value. One of the easiest ways to make sure your hardwoods are well-maintained is… Read More

Why you should Use Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Products
You’ve surely heard the warnings about the chemicals that exist in common household cleaning products. Lately, we are wising up to the fact that harsh chemicals, while they may power through tough grime, are not necessarily healthy for us or the environment. Even cleaning services in Greensboro use eco-friendly cleaning products in customers’ homes. If… Read More

Cleaning Tips for Getting your Home Ready to Sell
Are you ready to put your home on the market? Whatever condition your home is in, some additional cleaning will make sure your home is in the best shape possible to impress potential buyers. Not sure where to start? These cleaning tips will help you get your home in great shape to put on the market. Want… Read More

The Most Common Places Bacteria Hides in your Home
We all want a clean, healthy home. But that is often easier said than done. No matter how thoroughly you clean, bacteria find ways to take hold. Once you know where to look, it’s easier to combat these bacteria breeding grounds. Want to be sure these areas are cleaned regularly? Schedule professional home cleaning in Greensboro on a regular… Read More

5 Tips for Cleaning your Refrigerator
Cleaning out the refrigerator is a job you probably put off for as long as possible.  Whatever the reason you’ve decided to tackle this most unpleasant of tasks, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Follow these easy tips for cleaning your refrigerator, or hire a Winston Salem home cleaning service to clean it for you.   Empty… Read More

5 Things in your Home you Probably Don’t Clean Enough
Do you have a regular cleaning regimen that you follow on a weekly or monthly basis? Whatever your routine is, unless you get professional house cleaning in Greensboro, there are a few areas that you probably don’t clean enough. These spots are easy to miss but are very important from a health standpoint. Once you read this, you won’t likely forget them… Read More

5 Items in your Pantry that are Effective Cleaning Agents
Did you know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on cleaning products? Because many items that are most likely sitting in your pantry right now could be used to clean and disinfect your home. And the best part is that these items are perfectly safe with no harsh chemicals and no… Read More

The Benefits of a “Stay-cation”
Time away from work is a welcome pleasure that benefits both your mind and body. You can relax, spend time with your family, and have a little bit of fun.  Staying in town doesn’t mean you won’t relax just as much as if you went out of town. In fact, you may feel even more relaxed. Whether you… Read More

Summer Reading List for Kids
According to many studies, kids who do not continue their learning over the summer lose much of the knowledge they gained in the previous school year. By having your children read throughout the summer, it will help them to retain information and continue to learn.  While you spend your time reading with your kids, a Winston Salem, NC house cleaning service like The Maids can take care… Read More

Pool and Beach Safety Tips
Water can be dangerous, which is why it’s prudent to always take proper safety measures when at the pool and beach. Many pool accidents occur due to improper supervision and not knowing how to swim, but you can help prevent these situations from occurring by following a few simple tips. And when you find your home to be a mess after those beach and pool days, contact… Read More

Keeping Fit and Healthy During the Summer Months
When summer gets to its hottest point, working out can go to the bottom of your to-do list. But there are many ways to help you stay fit without worrying about a heat stroke. This summer, while you focus on your physical health, leave the health of your home to the home cleaning services in Winston Salem, NC offered by… Read More

July Fourth Entertaining Ideas
The Fourth of July calls for a celebration, but the planning and execution can be tiring and stressful. Food needs to be prepared, the decorations and fireworks are waiting, and you have to get your backyard in order. How are you going to get your house cleaned in time too? Well, you can hire a maid service in Winston Salem, NC to take… Read More

Tips for How to Purge, De-Clutter, and Organize
Do you struggle to let go of clutter? You may not be a hoarder, but perhaps you have trouble saying goodbye to items that are simply taking up space. Maybe you want to get rid of junk and organize your life, but you just don’t know where to start. The task can seem daunting and… Read More

Grilling Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend
If ever there was an ideal time of year for a barbecue, it’s Memorial Day weekend. The weather starts to feel like summer, pools open, and grills are fired up all over the country. Want to impress your guests with an original menu, something beyond the usual hamburgers and hotdogs? Plan the barbecue to beat… Read More

Activities in Guilford County to Keep your Kids Busy Over the Summer
Summer vacation from school can feel like a long time. Can you already hear the whining, the bickering, and the pleading for snacks? Plan ahead and arm yourself with plenty of activities to keep your kids busy and occupied over the summer. And while you and the kids are out having fun, leave the home… Read More

Planning Your Family Vacation: What Not to Do
Going on vacation during spring break this year? When it comes to planning a trip it’s easy to make mistakes or forget to do things that would make your trip much less stressful and more fun. The suggestions span from packing tips to preparing your home for your return by researching cleaning companies in Greensboro… Read More

Fun Activities for the Family During the Easter Holiday
Soon Peter Cottontail will come hopping down the bunny trail as the Easter Holiday festivities arrive. And with Easter comes spring break from school for the kids, meaning plenty of hours to fill. Need some fun activities to keep everyone busy during the holiday break? Here are some ideas that are fun for the whole… Read More