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Preventing the Flu from Hitting Your Family
“I hope I get the flu this year!” said no one ever. You do your best to avoid it. You wash your hands, you try not to touch door handles and hand rails, you may even get the flu vaccine. But no matter how hard you try, there is still a chance that viruses like… Read More

Tips for Unwinding After the Work Week
When you work 40 hours a week, or more in a lot of cases, you are ready to unwind when the work week ends. What’s the number one thing that keeps you from relaxing and enjoying your weekend? The housework that went unattended during the busy work week. If your priorities during the work week… Read More

The 4 Best Tips for Cleaning Up After Santa
The holidays are full of fun and presents and decorations and food—all of which leaves behind a good-sized mess. Don’t stress and don’t attempt to go it alone. When the jolly man in the red suit is long gone, be prepared to tackle that mess with these tips and the help of reliable cleaning services… Read More

Entertaining Tips for the Christmas Holiday
During this festive season, you can be the stress-free host with these tips for entertaining during the Christmas Holiday. Simple touches go a long way in creating a beautiful table, tree, and home. Hire Maid Services in Winston Salem, NC. Decorating for the holidays should start with a clean home. Hire professional house cleaning services… Read More

The History of House Cleaning
Have you ever wondered about the evolution of cleaning homes? From the time when the first humans established permanent dwellings up to today’s modern homes, cleanliness has been, and still is, a high priority. What began as a simple place to escape the elements and gain protection from the surrounding wilderness has evolved over thousands… Read More

Tips for Visiting Top Schools in NC for College Football Games
Fall is here and college football season is in full swing. North Carolina has more opportunities for some great football games than any other state in the US. A true tailgater’s dream, you can travel just a few hours in any direction (or stay right in town) and find a game worth watching. After a… Read More

How to Go from Unorganized to Tidy in a Week
Are you constantly at war with the clutter in your home? Are your messes so messy that they seem to multiply on their own? If you struggle to stay organized, don’t fret. You are one of many who suffer from chronic disorganization. And if you have roommates, a spouse, kids, pets, or any combination of… Read More

Must Dos at the 2017 Lexington BBQ Festival
Every fall North Carolinians and even out-of-staters flock to Lexington, NC, for the annual BBQ Festival. North Carolina is known across the nation for the best pork BBQ to be had. Slow cooked in wood-fired pits, pork shoulder stays juicy and tender and is seasoned with a vinegar and tomato based sauce. Served with slaw… Read More

Decorating Your Home for Halloween
Are you ready to scare the masks right off the neighborhood kids with your awesome Halloween decorations? Whether you’re welcoming trick-or-treaters or you’re having a Halloween party with friends, you want to make sure you’re scaring guests with your decorations, not your messy, dirty house. Before you start decorating for the spookiest holiday, hire cleaning… Read More

Managing Your Time: Preparing for Kid’s Extracurricular Activities
Time management is difficult enough when you only have your own schedule to worry about. Throw in the busy schedules of your children as well and you’ve got quite a juggling act to try and perform. Whether your kids are just starting school and trying their first sport or lesson, or if your kids are… Read More

Best Places to Visit Along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Fall
Are you starting to feel the fall breezes and cooler nights? The excitement of fall sneaks up on us while we’re busy with back to school preparations. But it’s on its way and it won’t be long until the leaves start changing and the beauty of nature is in full swing. Where’s the best place… Read More

4 Surprising Germs That Could Be Lurking in Your Carpet
Carpets add warmth and comfort to an any room, and the finest ones come with the added benefit of enhancing a room’s aesthetic beauty. Unfortunately, carpets tend to get pretty dirty over time. Did you know that carpets can hold over four times their weight in dirt? Dust mites, pet dander, pet urine, insect feces,… Read More

Discover the Surprising Benefits of a Home Cleaning Service
Ideally, your home is your ultimate sanctuary. It’s where you can relax, unwind and just be yourself, provided your home makes you feel good and doesn’t make you feel like you need to get on your hands and knees and start scrubbing. But unless you have the tons of extra time, and happen to enjoy… Read More

Did You Know Hiring a Cleaning Company Can Save You Money?
Think you can’t afford a cleaning service? Think again. In the busy world we live in, time is money, quite literally. Time spent cleaning is money wasted. If you desire a clean home, but lack the time to clean it as thoroughly as you would like, a maid service in Greensboro, NC, can actually save… Read More

The Ultimate Pre-Vacation House Cleaning Checklist
Would you prefer to come home to a clean house after being away on vacation? Most of us would, but we get so caught up in packing and preparing to leave, that we forget about what it’s going to be like when we return home. If you take the time to follow this pre-vacation cleaning… Read More

Hiring a Home Cleaning Service in Greensboro, NC: A Great Gift Idea for Mom or Dad
When you were a child, finding the perfect gift for your parents was probably easy. Mom loved the flowers, candies, and knick-knacks she received every year. Dad loved a new tie or tool. If your parents are like most these days, they are probably busy with a career in addition to being a full-time mother.… Read More

Preparing Your Home for Your Summer Vacation? Consider hiring a Cleaning Service
With summer right around the corner and winter behind us, it’s time to start thinking about giving your home a deep spring cleaning. Summer is the time of year when most of us go on vacation, leaving our home empty for a few days. The last thing you want to come home to is the… Read More

New baby on the way? Consider hiring the services of residential cleaners in Greensboro, NC
Tips on Cleaning Your Home Before the New Baby Arrives As the time for the new arrival approaches parents naturally start to think about what needs done to be ready for the baby. Near the top of the list is making sure that the house is spotlessly clean and ready for your newest family member.… Read More

How To Figure Out How Often You Need Cleaning Services
Has cleaning your home become too heavy a burden with all of life’s responsibilities? Have you decided it’s time to hire a cleaning service? The next decision to make is how often you need cleaning services. There are a few different factors to consider that will help you to know how often you should schedule… Read More

Best Days for Maid Service Appointments
Have you decided to hire a house cleaning service to make your life easier and your home cleaner? Part of hiring a maid service in Greensboro, NC involves choosing what days you would like your service appointments to occur. Whether your maid service comes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, you may prefer a certain day of… Read More

How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Maid Service
If you are like many people in the Greensboro area, you probably don’t have time to clean your home on a daily basis. When you find yourself in this situation, your best option is to hire the right maid service in Greensboro to keep your home clean. Maid services offer professionals who will come to… Read More

Five Hidden Toxins in Your House Cleaning Products
So what exactly do those long, hard-to-pronounce words mean on your house cleaning products’ labels? Learn from experts of house cleaning services about five hidden toxins you may be exposing your family to. Products with Fragrances Can Trigger Asthma Attacks and Allergies Many of your fragranced household products like dish soap and air fresheners contain… Read More

A Stellar Cleaning Service in Greensboro Offering Fall Cleaning and Decluttering
Most everyone has a spring cleaning list, but when the leaves start to turn, the sun will set sooner and you’ll be spending more time indoors. That’s why fall is the perfect time to prepare for more company with a fall cleaning and decluttering. Read some tips directly from the pros in cleaning services in… Read More

Professional House Cleaning Services Avoid these Hidden Toxins
Have you taken a look at the labels on your house cleaning products lately? Do you wonder what exactly do those long, hard-to-pronounce words mean to you and your family? Learn from The Maids, whose expert house cleaning services in Greensboro, NC provide safe solutions that avoid these five hidden toxins to which you may… Read More

Getting your Rental Ready for New Tenants
If you are a landlord, you will occasionally have to manage the turnover process of having one tenant leave and another moving in. There is a lot to do to prepare a residence for new tenants, and the task list may seem overwhelming. One very important step can be taken care of quite easily: house… Read More

Not All Maid Services Are Created Equally
Are you considering hiring maid services in Greensboro to save you the time of cleaning your home from top to bottom? Don’t settle for lower quality service at a discounted price. Learn why not all maid services in Greensboro NC are created equally before you make that call. Read More

Tricks to See Just How Dirty Your Carpet Is
Have you just purchased your home and you’re not sure if the carpet has been professionally cleaned or properly maintained? Or, maybe you’ve noticed a subtle odor in your home and you’re not sure if its source is your carpet? You may be in need of carpet cleaning in Greensboro NC. But how can you… Read More

Benefits of Weekly House Cleaning Services
There is nothing quite as satisfying as walking in the door after a long day at work to a clean home. A spotless kitchen with a shining sink, a freshly cleaned bathroom with a sparkling tub, vacuum lines in the rug, and dust-free blinds– it’s refreshing. But it’s not always practical, especially with today’s busy… Read More

House Cleaning Services in Greensboro Can Get Your Home “Buyer-Ready”
You’ve made the leap and decided to list your home for sale and move into a new home that fits your current lifestyle. Selling your home can be exciting, but the process can also be overwhelming. Selling your home will require some decluttering, organizing, and especially some cleaning to prepare it for open houses. A… Read More

House Cleaning Services in Burlington, NC: How Often Do You Need Them?
House cleaning services can benefit everyone, whether you need them once a week or only for special occasions. If you’ve never used maid services in Burlington NC before, you may not be quite sure how to decide how often you actually need them. Here is some information that may help you figure out which schedule… Read More

Home Cleaning in Greensboro: Only the Best will Do
With a variety of cleaning companies to choose from, all offering more or less the same basic services, it may be tempting to make a choice based on price. However, the old adage, “You get what you pay for,” may come back to haunt you. Your home is your pride and joy where you spend… Read More

Reliable House Cleaning in Greensboro
In today’s households, where both adults likely work full-time, it’s hard to find time to get housework done. You can put the worry and hassle of housework out of your mind by hiring a house cleaning service. But how do you go about finding reliable house cleaning in Greensboro NC? There are some things to… Read More

Carpet cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC: Help your carpet look great longer
We’ve all been there; staring at our carpet, convinced it was a different color when we bought it. It was plusher, thicker, and brighter; once upon a time. But if you’ve just purchased new carpet for your home, or you have older carpet in your home that you’ve just had cleaned, and want it to… Read More