Why You Need Carpet Cleaning Services in Greensboro, NC

Photo of a Whittaker vacuum used by The Maids of the Triad

The interesting colors and patterns in carpets have enhanced the decorative appeal of carpets in homes and offices. However, just like your bed sheets and upholstered furniture, your carpets also need maintenance and cleaning. This is even more pressing for carpets as they are more prone to get dirty throughout the duration of use. Getting professional carpet cleaning services in Greensboro, NC can save you a lot of bother.

The Health risks of a dirty carpet

Carpets get a lot of foot traffic, spill stains, and dirt throughout the day. They are a natural trap for allergens like pollen and animal fur. This poses a health threat, especially when dust mites, germs and dirt have burrowed deep within the fabric of the carpet. These pollutants also find their way back into the air by the simple act of you and others walking on the carpet.

Studies even show that carpets are up to 4,000 times dirtier than toilet seats, so you should really think twice before letting your young ones play on your dirty carpets. Other health risks include dust mite infestations and mold growth. Having a routine carpet cleaning in Greensboro, NC eliminates these problems.

How often do carpets need to be cleaned?

Most homeowners are not aware just how often they should clean their carpets. There are too many myths surrounding carpet cleaning, but the only thing valid about any of these myths is that you have to know just how dirty your carpet is by the amount of traffic it receives. For instance, your carpet in the living room would certainly need to be cleaned more often than the one in your home office. However, it is recommended by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, that a reliable standard is to get a yearly cleaning done by professionals.

Hiring Professional Cleaners

Carpet cleaning takes a lot of work and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll just end up damaging it. Not all carpets are made of the same materials and some fabrics require more delicate handling. Also, you may not know how to properly remove any persistent stains. Professional carpet cleaners have both the knowledge and experience to handle the types of particulates in the carpet that can easily become triggers for allergies. By using high-grade equipment and different methods of cleaning, professional cleaners can effectively sanitize and clean your carpets without any worry or strain on your part.

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Looking deeper into a filthy carpet with house cleaning services

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Carpets are an indispensable accessory in a typical North Carolina home. Carpets provide a lot of benefits other than improving the aesthetics of your home’s interior. It has thermal qualities, it’s an effective sound barrier, and it protects your family from slips and falls. The least known benefit of all? It helps maintain the quality of indoor air by acting as a passive filter for micro particles, such as dusts and pollens. The downside of this, however, is that your carpet also houses disease-causing microbes.

For this reason, regular carpet cleaning is important. While carpet cleaning may seem like a task you can handle yourself, it is best done by professionals who are trained to comb through every inch of your carpet, and get rid of the most stubborn dirt. After all, your carpets may be dirtier than you think.

Humans shed dead skin cells almost every hour, which your carpets can trap. Add sweat and food drippings, airborne dust, soil, and pet dander and you have a grand buffet for dust mites, molds, and other tiny insects that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This food source makes these insects and mites stay, along with the nocturnal pests that feast on these particles when the lights are out.

These harmful microbes can cause nasal irritation, breathing difficulty leading to asthma attacks, chronic skin rashes and skin asthma, and fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot. These health hazards make dirty carpets the least safe place to lounge on, particularly for family members with weak immune systems. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of your carpet, only that you should make sure it is cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

While vacuuming two to three times a week is important, a typical vacuum cleaner’s suction and rotating beater brush can’t reach deep into the carpet. The only way to remove this deep down dirt is to subject your carpet to deep cleaning.

Maid service companies in Greensboro NC, such as The Maids of the Triad, will examine your carpets for stains, odors, and filthy areas and consider the fiber type and wear patterns before they do the cleaning. They use foam dry cleaning compounds which a GLS machine spreads evenly throughout the fiber. This deeply cleans the carpet by encapsulating dirt, bringing it up to the surface, and vacuuming it as soon as it dries. This method is proven safe for pets and kids. At The Maids of the Triad, your satisfaction is our guarantee. Call us for a free in-home consultation at 336-292-7805.