Steven L.

Lorena, Ana, Liza and Lucero arrived on time and cleaned my house beyond my expectations! Go team Purple!

Alex S.

I called on Wednesday and they were able to fit me in Friday between 10-11. Yellow Team showed up at 10:01, talk about prompt! The staff was incredible courteous and began work immediately. They cleaned things I have t thought to clean in years, and we’re so accommodating with moving things to get the best clean possible.

I will definitely be using The Maids yellow team again!

Jim G.

Major intervention on a trashed out house with cats. Ladies jumped right in and started cleaning. Four hours latter and the house was a home again! Thank you so much for the hard work that you’ll performed! Will definitely have them back, maybe weekly!

Shirley G.

The yellow team did a wonderful job. They were industrious, efficient, and professional. I was very satisfied with their work.

TheRaabeGroup LLC

We really appreciate the service we receive from Team Green! They are timely, efficient, and attentive to our routine. It’s not just the services they provide that makes a huge difference but the manner in which they work to ensure that we have as little interruption as possible in our work routine as they themselves are working.

Jamal M.

The BLUE TEAM (Rosa, Ana and Luz) did a great job and they are very professional. I am definitely going to use them on a regular basis.

Reginald C.

I was very pleased with the PURPLE team “Lorena, Ana, Lucero and Luzy.
very professional and outstanding group. Looking forward to having them again.

Brock R.

Red team is a super team!!! Meena is a very nice, sweet lady!!!

Wayne Jr.

Rosa and the blue team were fantastic. We are in the process of moving and needed our home to be perfect for the next residence and perfect it was.
Will use them again in our new home in Rocky Mount.

Carlos L.

Purple Team is the best! Lorena, Lucero y Ana, provided a fantastic service, on time and super friendly. I am looking forward for my next service.